About AC’s BK

About Angela Chaos’ Bitch Kingdom:

Angela Asbell is an adjunct lecturer at California State University, San Bernardino, where she teaches Rhetoric and Composition, Cultural Studies in the Humanities program, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She works in grassroots community organizing, Do-It-Yourself culture, marginalized discourses, subcultural poetics, and radical self-publishing.  Some of her publications include “The Birth of Bitch King” in the journal Computers and Composition Online, the literary magazines Muse and Pacific Review, as well as myriad DIY publications including Digress MagazineClit Rocket, and her zine Bitch King.  She is part of the Blood Orange Infoshop Collective, a non-hierarchical arts and activist organization in downtown Riverside as well as teaches free zine worshops and running a zine distro through the self-publishing collective Zineworks.

This is a space to practice writing, show off my art, blow off some steam, share some information, and organize my damn self.

I make the zine called Bitch King, a personal-is-political queer zine with poetry, essays, and artwork. For Bitch King, my parameters are: my writing and art about whatever subjects I am interested in, with a special emphasis on queering gender and sexuality while making the postmodern academic critical theory related to identity and social justice accessible to people who haven’t been exposed the academic discourse.

And then of course there is Raptor Fancy, which is a devotional prayer zine sent to the heavens about our Lord ‘N’ Savior, Raptor Jesus.

A new project called Pansy Twist, with each issue featuring collections of indecipherable photographs from my past.

And of course all the random one-shots, which I vow I will post here one day.

Issues of Bitch King are available in these libraries:

Zine Library at Barnard

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Bingham Center Zine Collection

Blood Orange InfoShop


If you are interested in buying or trading zines, please let me know.  For now, you can leave me a comment on this blog or contact me through any of the social network whatnot I will post below.  One day I was get my etsy set up and do that thang…

An article I wrote for Computer & Composition Online

The Birth of Bitch King

I used to write for The Riversider blog

And one of my favorite posts on the Riverside blog about “education as a practice of freedom

Social Networking/Online Profiles:






“We Make Zines”


Licensed through Creative Commons


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