<rant> I am so over “gay people” (white or assimilated, middle- and upper-class gays and lesbians) who refuse to see their privilege. Just last year, I told someone that I didn’t go to the Menagerie anymore because of the sexist and trans-phobic bathroom situation, and they told me “That seems really radical. We should focus on getting gay marriage and THEN work on that kind of radical stuff.” I was livid. We tried talking but he just wouldn’t understand. It was horrible. The only reason why I didn’t get depressed is bc I had good friends to talk it out with (couldn’t help but get angry). He was just refusing to see my perspective because it called him out on his privilege. Alarm bells! It wasn’t just HETEROSEXUALS I need to avoid if I didn’t want to be triggered, it was HETERONORMATIVE people who refuse to see how they perpetuate oppression (and who want to live in this comfort…lucky them!). I could two fucks about someone’s “sexual orientation” at this point…the way I know if someone’s going to be a good friend is if they are willing to confront their privilege, whatever their sexuality is. </rant>


~ by Angela Rhetorica on May 11, 2012.

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