I just had some…

I just had someone cut me off in the parking lot, then park in the middle of the street (not the aisle, mind you, the STREET).  He got pissed when I drove around him, followed me, and called me an “asshole.”  Thanks, dude.  Like I haven’t gotten enough verbal abuse this week, this year, this life from people who think they have the right to judge me, control me, or use me.  He’s lucky I didn’t intentionally ram his car.  I am done playing, motherfucker.

This incident is part of a long string of run-ins I’ve had with people lately.  I can’t say I am not aggressive; I can’t say I don’t challenge people; I can’t say I don’t make people uncomfortable; I also, unfortunately, can’t say that I have never abused someone verbally.  I feel I have to make some kind of qualifier to even complain about oppression I see everyday.  Fuck that (but at least know I am self-aware, and growing).

I find a spot and begin walking to the front door.

A guy signals to me and stops me and asks “Do you drive a Honda Fit?”  I say yes.  He struggles to find words, and I look away and sigh.  Really?  Really?  Me not waiting for you bothered you that much?  REALLY?

Spread misery much?  Spread your anger much?  I keep trying to figure out how to survive in this world that relies on aggression and hierarchy to rule expectations and social relations.

I can’t tell if I am being a jerk, or is he a hot head?  In all of this situations, I think from all angles until in doesn’t even matter.

A big UGH YOU SUCK to the road rage dude who called me an asshole.  Get a life.  I am trying to find the lesson in this, and all I can think is…


~ by Angela Rhetorica on May 4, 2012.

One Response to “I just had some…”

  1. Dude was a douche. I am personally glad to have you out on the streets giving it back to all these ass hats who think it is appropriate to intimidate and harass people. Keep on bitchin’ Nitch King!

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