An Appeal to Community to Protect Education!

You best believe I signed this letter to the community that was published in the Press Enterprise and the Sun this weekend–over 200 professors signed this letter appealing to the community to protect education.  Student fees have already increased 260% in the last 5 years.  And there are more fee increases on the horizon.

Local Asset Threatened by Increases in Fees

In these times of economic crisis people need more educational opportunities, not fewer. If we continue to diminish opportunities to attain a public higher education, the future result will be a more undereducated and underpaid labor force, resulting in poor economic performance for our region and the state. It would mean additional stress on our local economy, and less tax revenue for our cities while creating more need for public services, at a time when critical public services are also being drastically defunded.”

Not that I think only economics is why we should be concerned about education–I actually care more about the sense of empowerment and justice education can bring to people’s lives way more. But this discourse is framed by the powerful, always already, and we are still stuck on this ideology of capitalism and even more specifically the blatant corporatism and crony capitalism.  That’s not what’s ruining our economy, it’s friggin’ “spending” on education (of course, the military doesn’t even hit the brink of ideology as “spending.”  Is fighting their wars more values or important than education?).


~ by Angela Rhetorica on May 31, 2011.

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