I oscillate between believing this town is run by a bunch of slackjawed, backwater idiots or by a bunch of devious culturally conservative robber barons.  Oh wait…no…it’s run by a bunch of devious, backwater, culturally conservative robber barons.

I oscillate between thinking that the people who run this city know they are hypocritical to call themselves “City of the Arts” when they do so little to nurture local culture and art or maybe they really are this clueless.

But really, I am almost positive that they know that any young person of some means and intelligence will escape the fuck out of this town as soon as it’s legal.  There are very few opportunities to make a living as an artist here. Most artists I know are barely scraping by, working at least one other job, collaborating in order to make their art happen, and this city dares call itself an innovator of the arts?  Pssssht.

One day I’m going to run for mayor…or move.


~ by Angela Rhetorica on March 30, 2011.

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